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Q2 Outlook: Where does opportunity lie for Canadian investors?

Many of the macro themes underpinning our second quarter Global Investment Outlook – better economic activity, an upturn in corporate earnings and fading fears of deflation – are also evident in Canada. Notably, our BlackRock GPS for the Canadian economy has risen steadily since the middle of 2016 on better retail sales, employment and wholesale trade data, and points to further modest upside to consensus...

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Traders Anticipating "Solid" Payrolls Report

Friday, April 7, 2017 Today's Spotlight Market The following are the average pre-report estimates for this morning's Non-farm Payrolls report: Non-farm Payrolls: +180,000 estimate vs. 235,000 February Unemployment Rate: 4.7% estimate vs. 4.7% February Ave. Hourly Earnings: +0.3% estimate vs. +0.2% February Ave. Workweek: 34.4 hours estimate vs. 34.4 hours February Fundamentals Market participants are once again expecting another "Goldilocks" payrolls report this morning, with an expected 180,000 jobs being created in February...

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Turner’s Take Podcast: April 6, 2017

Daniels Trading commodity futures broker Craig Turner discusses the US jobs number, the ECB meeting, and the Fed with respect to Gold, USD, Euro, Stocks and Treasuries. We also look at the estimates for the next WASDE report and what that means for corn, wheat and soybeans.  What to know what to look for in the commodity markets?  Take a listen to Turner’s Take Podcast!   Craig...

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Special Report | Spring Grain Outlook 2017

Grain Markets Spring Into Action This Coming Quarter “As the commodity markets enter the second quarter of 2017, they appear to be facing a global recovery but perhaps not as brisk as was hoped for in in the weeks and months following the US election. While the reflation prospect remains in play, the potential for a commodity rally has been reduced by the prospect of numerous US interest rate hikes …” Register to continue reading ...

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Bear Market Optimism

The graph below, published by Deutsch Bank recently, shows that the market is pricing in less than a 10% probability of a 20%+ drop in the S&P 500 Index in the next 12 months. This is the lowest probability since the outbreak of the financial crisis, back in 2008. So, just how optimistic are investors, right now? Counting bears To answer this question, we have to study the history of bear markets...

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April 5 – Breakout Trade(s) in the eMini S&P Futures

In last night’s edition of Swing Trader’s Insight, the eMini S&P futures were labeled as a breakout setup, due to the inside day range contraction (Tuesday range was 60% of Monday) and doji bar. As it turned out, this breakout setup yielded two trades if you were looking for a trade this afternoon. (chart by Futuresource) The first trade came early in the day session. Following the strong ADP ...

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Ag Knowledge: 7 Reasons to Like Corn

This is a sample entry from Tom Dosdall’s newsletter, Technical Ag Knowledge, published on Wednesday, April 5 2017. Good morning! It’s another gloomy, rainy day here in Chicago so I figured we could all benefit from a little optimism 🙂 Here are seven reasons why I like owning corn (preferably on the Board vs. physical product in the bin). If you are a producer holding on to old crop bushels...

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MDA SnapShot LIVE Pre-Market Chart Analysis – 4/05/17

The pre-market is an exhilarating time for traders! Join Commodity Markets Veteran and author of the Market Dimensions Advisory Andrew Pawielski in the next MDA SnapShot live charting webinar. Get a rare “look over the shoulder” view of exactly how industry professionals gear up for the session. See what goes into Andrew’s MDA SnapShot Alerts and get a first-hand look at his favorite trading tools that power his trades. The webcams will be rolling, the charts will be...

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Soybean Rally Crushed By Bearish Planting Intentions

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Today's Spotlight Market Here are the actual figures from Friday's USDA reports: U.S. Stockpiles as of March 1 Corn: 8.616 billion bushels (Actual) vs. 8.55 billion bushels (Estimate) Soybeans: 1.735 billion bushels (Actual) vs. 1.68 billion bushels (Estimate) Wheat: 1.655 billion bushels (Actual) vs. 1.62 billion bushels (Estimate) Planted Acres Corn: 89.996 million acres (USDA) vs. 91.03 million acres (Estimate) Soybeans: 89.482 million acres (USDA) vs. 88.13 million acres (Estimate) Wheat (All Wheat Varieties): 46.059 million acres (USDA) vs. 46.06 million acres (Estimate) Fundamentals This...

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MDA SnapShot: July/Nov SoyBean Spread – Setup, 4/4/17

Below you will see published updates from the Market Dimensions Advisory. These are sent in real-time to subscribers. Do Not Miss them going forward, subscribing below for FREE. These blog updates are showcasing the levels and positions that potentially could be executed by traders who are following the MDA SnapShot updates. If you would like to follow these trading alerts ...

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