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Wonderful Wednesday – And We’re Up 300 Points Since Friday Because?

What a rally! ; ; I just finished our November Portfolio Reviews and our Long-Term and Short-Term paired portfolios are just shy of their 40% goal for the year but our more aggressive Options Opportunity Portfolio, which we trade over at Seeking Alpha, has gained another 100% in 2017, now up 233.8% in just over two years (we begain on 8/8/15 with $100,000). ; If the market keeps going the...

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Philstockworld November Portfolio Review

$2,121,342! ; Not bad for the 4th Anniversary of our Primary Portfolios. ; We began this lesson on November 26th of 2013 and allocated $500,000 to our Long-Term Portfolio and $100,000 to our Short-Term Portfolio with the intention of demonstrating our balanced, paired portfolio tactics over time. ; Now, 4 years later, we're up $1,521,342 (253%), which is right at the top of...

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Monday Market Movement – Dead Week Ahead

Why are you here? ; I told you it was going to be a pointless, slow week. ; You need to take advantage of these things and take vacations. ; Surely you didn't become a trader so you could be chained to a desk all day, right? ; Get out there and have some fun, the market will still be here when you come back. ; ; We took a quick $338 per contract profit...

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$450M Thursday – A Least It’s a Nice Frame

$450,000,000! ; ; That's a lot of money to spend on a painting and yet another justification for my daughter to go to art school! ; It just goes to show you how rich the rich are gettin as the previous record for a painting at auction was $300M for Kooning's "Interchange" 2 years ago and this painting was previously purchased in 2013 for "only" $127.5M – how's that for...

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Will We Hold It Wednesday – NYSE 12,250 Edition

Aren't you glad we're hedged? ; Just yesterday, in our Morning Report, we gave you an example of our Members' Portfolio Hedges we use at PhilStockWorld. ; Later in the day, in our Live Member Chat Room, we made some aggressive adjustments to our main hedges in the Short-Term Portfolio Review and tightened up some covers in our Butterfly Portfolio Review. ; I don't know if this week's pullback is the sign of things...

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Triple Toppy Tuesday – Nasdaq Finally Finds a Level it can’t Break Over

6,325. ; ; Who'd have thought THAT was going to be where the Nasdaq finally had enough? ; Actually, the Nasdaq (QQQ) ;did hit 6,350 on Nov 8th but, before that and since that, it's been getting stuck at 6,325. ; 6,345 would make more sense, as that's our 17.5% line on the Big Chart off our base of 5,400 we consolidated at last Spring. ; The initial run topped out at 5,800, which was up 7.5...

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TGIF – Market’s First Red Week Since September Comes to a Close

A down week? What is that? ; Since when do markets go lower? ; Well, they don't generally (any more) and this market hasn't had a down week since the first week of September, when the S&P was at 2,450 so it was a nice 150-point run (6.12%) before pulling back and the 5% Rule™ says we can expect a 30-point weak retracement to 2,570 and that's exactly what we got but 2,570 is still a 5...

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