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Distrust Forecasts, Part 2

Photo Credit: D.C.Atty || Scrawled in 2008, AFTER the crash started=============================Comments are always appreciated from readers, if they are polite.  Here’s a recent one from the piece Distrust Forecasts.You made one statement that I don’t really understand. “Most forecasters only think about income statements. Most of the limits stem from balance sheets proving insufficient, or cash flows inverting, and staying that way...

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Estimating Future Stock Returns, September 2016 Update Redux

Idea Credit: Philosophical Economics Blog || I get implementation credit, which is less…=================================================================My last post on this generated some good questions.  I’m going to answer them here, because this model deserves a better explanation.  Before I start, I should say that in order to understand the model, you need to read the first two articles in the series, which are here:Estimating Future Stock ReturnsEstimating Future Stock Returns, Follow-upIf you...

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