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The Biggest Problems For Investors Today

What could be more à propos to investing than a bubble spinner? A letter from a “reader” that looked like he sent it to a lot of people:Hello my name is XXX, After looking through your website I have really been enjoying your content. I am also involved in the investing space and wanted to ask a quick question. I was curious as to what you think the biggest problems are for investors today? For example do they ...

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Gold Drops as Markets Anxiously Await British Election Results

Gold continues to lose ground, and is down 0.77% in the Thursday session. In North American trade, spot gold is trading at $1278.12 per ounce. The markets are keeping a close eye as FBI Director James Comey testifies before a Senate Committee. As well, voters in the UK are choosing a new parliament. It’s Election Day in the UK, as an election campaign marred by deadly terrorist ...

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Morning Charts 06/07/2017 SPX /es

This $200 Billion Asset Manager Warns "There's Danger At The Door" As Markets Lose Focus On Fundamentalsand this BofA: "If Bonds Are Right, Stocks Will Drop Up To 20%" are not fear porn. These people are not kidding. STB's been looking at the real possibility of a 10 - 14% plunge possibility, BUT a catalyst must occur. the only question is will the PPT be...

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USD/JPY – Yen Strengthens on Positive Japanese Wage Report

USD/JPY has posted considerable losses on Tuesday, losing 0.84 percent. In the North American session, USD/JPY is trading at 109.60, marking a 6-month low for the pair. On the release front, Japanese Average Cash Earnings posted a gain of 0.5%, above the forecast of 0.3%. In the US, there was good news from the employment front, as JOLTS Jobs Openings jumped to 6.04 million, crushing the estimate of 5.65 million. The Japanese yen received a boost on Tuesday, thanks to ...

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Morning Charts 06/06/2017 SPX /es

We keep edging closer to catastrophe. Team Total control has the lipstick and veil firmly in place right now. Father time and price will one day assert their eternal prominence, but till then it is what it is. One sneeze and a 10 - 15% correction would be a rather simple move. On to the lie -SPX 30m - Best I got right now for a short term chart. Overthrowing rising wedge completion with neg divs complementing the over exaggerated ...

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31st day of $QQQ short term up-trend; Judy’s quote on $DXCM and Apple

According to Judy: “Tim Cook mentions at Apple developer conference that the Apple Watch operating system will connect with hardware like continuous glucose monitors. The iwatch will connect with DXCM’s monitors. Continuous monitoring will be much  easier for persons with diabetes who must check their blood often.  I think many parents will want this option for their children/teenagers who resist doing needle sticks at school etc.” Hence the 5% rise ...

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Markets Build on Breakouts

Two days of gains have pushed markets beyond their breakout levels and new closing highs. Volume has not been spectacular, but shareholders will not be complaining. Shorts will be out or left holding big losses.The Russell 2000 had the best of the action as it negated the 'bear flag' in a move which now looks destined to challenge of 1,425. The MACD is building on its 'buy' trigger but relative performance against the Nasdaq could do...

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