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The Biggest Problems For Investors Today

What could be more à propos to investing than a bubble spinner? A letter from a “reader” that looked like he sent it to a lot of people:Hello my name is XXX, After looking through your website I have really been enjoying your content. I am also involved in the investing space and wanted to ask a quick question. I was curious as to what you think the biggest problems are for investors today? For example do they ...

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(Pre-) Breakout in Russell 2000

There wasn't much to attract interest but the Russell 2000 managed to stick its head above the parapet with a solid gain. The Russell 2000 was left just shy of challenging trading range resistance. Other indices are trading in a tight range which builds tension for a reactionary move; given what's happened in Small Caps, a breakout higher is perhaps favored.The Russell 2000 cleared inner resistance ...

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Morning Charts 06/08/2017 SPX /es

Things are more strange now than ever. I guess you could call it business as usual on steroids. The PTB are doing everything they can to keep the veil up and the rot hidden. Global tensions continue to rise and worsen. Me and many others have been looking at a market that's begging for a large 10 - 15% correction. Sadly the markets are not capable of correcting in a natural manner anymore (Total Control), ...

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Triple Threat Thursday: Market update

Energy stocks slipped this morning thanks to a sharp decline in oil prices. Forex is muted ahead of the UK general election. Forex USD Fiscal stimulus from the Trump administration now looks unlikely as Washington becomes soaked in political scandals and uncertainty. The dollar has decreased 4.4% since January. EUR The euro is slightly down ahead of the European Central Bank interest rate decision later today. Investors...

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