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Preparing for the Trump Tantrum

Preparing for the Trump Tantrum US equities recovered moderately after the sharp decline yesterday; investors were in buy the dip mode during a rare US equities market pull back. Despite the amount of ink spilt over the health care vote, fundamentally the  US economic landscape looks bright, and investors were quick to snap up bargains. However, news of the deplorable terrorist attack in London held the upward momentum in check. US Congress will vote on the AHCA ...

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A Dollar story not a Yuan story

US stock indexes posted their largest drop on Tuesday since the November election of US President Donald Trump with investors concerned about the ability of the new administration to implement its pro-business policy agenda. Overnight, the dollar index slid below 100 for the first time since early February, extending a downtrend that began last week when the Federal Reserve disappointed some investors by signalling ...

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Slow Start to Spring

Further indecision in the markets as a lack of participation kept volume and intraday price changes to a minimum. The biggest hit came to the Russell 2000. It lost just over 0.5% as profit taking struck the index more so than the Nasdaq and S&P. It wasn't a significant reversal, but it keeps dip buyers on their toes.The S&P did little. Small losses on light volume with...

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Trade the Standout Issue From G20 Communique

As global finance chiefs return from their first collective engagement with the Trump administration, they’re bringing home a load of unfinished business. While the weekend meeting of the Group of 20 in the German spa town of Baden-Baden kept up its tradition of a communique to present a veneer of agreement, it only did so by papering over new cracks in the order underpinning the world economy. Barely hinting at the merits of free trade, the statement’s ...

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Many More Brexit Bills Need to Pass Through Parliament

Even before the U.K. leaves the European Union, its Parliament may need to pass as many as 15 new bills and thousands of pages of “secondary legislation” covering immigration, trade and agriculture to name but a few. These are among the findings of an 18-page report released on Monday by the Institute of Government that examined what it called the “huge burden” Brexit will place on lawmakers and government...

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Nasdaq Volatility at New Lows

While the Nasdaq has reached new highs, the VXN has pushed to lows not seen in over 20 years. This complacency makes it difficult to know how long this lack of fear can go on. The one caveat is that as a monthly chart and any uptick in volatility could take years before it tops out; how will Trump trigger this ...

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