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Morning Charts 06/09/2017 SPX /es

The things that ATH's are made of - "Worst Since Lehman" - The State Of The US Consumer In One Dismal Chart and Credit Card Defaults Surge Most Since Financial Crisis Solid as a rock is the foundation for this ATH and run off the 667 low - NOT!On to the lie - SPX 5m - The range I wanted price to settle in is ...

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Goes Down Double-Speed (Update 4)

Photo Credit: eric lynchMarkets always find a new way to make a fool out of you.  Sometimes that is when the market has done exceptionally well, and you have been too cautious.   That tends to be my error as well.  I’m too cautious in bull markets, but on the good side, I don’t panic in bear markets, even the most severe of them.The bull market keeps hitting new highs.  ...

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Oil and Precious Metals Ignore the UK’s Mayday Call

Oil bounces along the seafloor bottom overnight as precious metals continue their bullish unwind from earlier in the week, ignoring an emotional U.K. election. Crude Oil Both Brent and WTI closed almost unchanged overnight despite both attempting a failed dead cat bounce in the New York session leaving the crude contracts down some 5.0% for the week. Following the king hit from the Crude Inventories number Thursday morning (Singapore time), both contracts...

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Morning Charts 06/08/2017 SPX /es

Things are more strange now than ever. I guess you could call it business as usual on steroids. The PTB are doing everything they can to keep the veil up and the rot hidden. Global tensions continue to rise and worsen. Me and many others have been looking at a market that's begging for a large 10 - 15% correction. Sadly the markets are not capable of correcting in a natural manner anymore (Total Control), ...

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Low Key – Healthy Bullish Action

Today was the perfect day for bulls looking for buying opportunities. Markets exhibited small bullish 'hammers' as part of a 3-day pullback; collectively shaping up as bullish flags. As an added bonus, volume rose to register an accumulation day.The S&P pullback will be confirmed on a move above 2,435 with a stop on a loss of 2,425.The Nasdaq is trading in a very ...

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Oil Drops After Build Up of Oil Inventories in US

Oil prices dipped on Wednesday on renewed concerns about the efficacy of OPEC-led production cuts due to rising tensions within the export group over Qatar and growing U.S. output. Brent crude prices LCOc1 were at $49.70 per barrel at 1351 GMT, down 42 cents. Brent is about 8 percent below its open on May 25, when OPEC and other producers agreed to extend oil output cuts through to the first quarter of 2018. U.S. ...

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Second Day of Profit Taking

Higher Volume distribution took hold in indices but there was no significant point loss to go with the selling.S&P gains posted late last week are holding while breakout buyers have yet to feel the pressure of this week's losses. The surge in S&P relative performance has weakened but hasn't yet pushed a 'sell' trigger.The Nasdaq hasn't experienced the slow down in relative performance...

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Morning Charts 06/06/2017 SPX /es

We keep edging closer to catastrophe. Team Total control has the lipstick and veil firmly in place right now. Father time and price will one day assert their eternal prominence, but till then it is what it is. One sneeze and a 10 - 15% correction would be a rather simple move. On to the lie -SPX 30m - Best I got right now for a short term chart. Overthrowing rising wedge completion with neg divs complementing the over exaggerated ...

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