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How to Slip Some Blockchain Exposure Into Your Portfolio

Over the past year, there have been fortunes made with winning investments like bitcoin, ether and ripple. And yet many people don’t know how to buy a single bitcoin. If you are new to digital assets, you may find it a tap dance just to get your money in, between digital wallets, online exchanges and questionable regulations. If you are perplexed by blockchain technology and feel more comfortable having your money in traditional markets, there are companies you can invest...

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Hedging Cattle in the Summer 2017: A Paradise of Risk

A Look Ahead in the Cattle Futures Markets! Hedging Cattle is risky business this coming summer thanks to recent weather events and high cash demand. Senior Broker and Market Analyst John Payne brings his expert knowledge of livestock futures to the public with this informative report! Created specifically to help producers and lenders, Hedging Cattle in the Summer 2017: A Paradise of Risk is an important reference when managing the uncertainty of the cattle markets this summer. This exclusive ...

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Sometimes the ‘Smart Money’ Is Dumb Too

Do all financial advisers turn their clients into better investors, or do some make their clients’ behavior even worse? My latest column looks at this question. There isn’t any doubt that many financial advisers keep their clients from getting too greedy as markets go up, while also inspiring them with hope during dark times — helping investors stay the course through good times and bad. But ...

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Mortgage Equity Withdrawal slightly negative in Q1

Note: This is not Mortgage Equity Withdrawal (MEW) data from the Fed. The last MEW data from Fed economist Dr. Kennedy was for Q4 2008.The following data is calculated from the Fed's Flow of Funds data (released today) and the BEA supplement data on single family structure investment. This is an aggregate number, and is a combination of homeowners extracting equity - hence the name "MEW" - and normal principal payments and debt cancellation (modifications, ...

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MDA SnapShot: Futures Alert, August Crude 60 Min Levels, Buy Breakout Forming, 6/9/17

Below you will see published updates from the Market Dimensions Advisory. These are sent in real-time to subscribers. Do Not Miss them going forward, subscribing below for FREE. These blog updates are showcasing the levels and positions that potentially could be executed by traders who are following the MDA SnapShot updates. If you would like to follow these trading alerts in...

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Investing Blog Roundup: Focus on Systems, Not Goals

For many people, setting specific, long-term goals is a critical part of how they make progress in work, health, or personal finance.  This week I encountered an article (via Michael Kitces) that describes an alternative approach — one that works for me and which might be helpful for you. Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on Systems Instead from James Clear Investing Articles Right and Wrong Reasons to...

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DAX Posts Gains as ECB Drops Rate Guidance, Upgrades Growth Forecast

The DAX index has posted modest gains in the Friday session. The index is up 0.49% and is currently at 12,770.50 points. On the release front, there is just one event on the schedule. Germany’s trade surplus improved to EUR 19.8 billion, but this fell short of the forecast of EUR 20.3 billion. As expected, the ECB played it cautious at the June policy meeting. The central bank maintained the benchmark rate at 0.00%, and made no changes to...

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