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The Little Market that Could

Picture Credit: Roadsidepictures from The Little Engine That Could By Watty Piper, Illustrated By George & Doris Hauman | That said, for every one that COULD, at least two COULDN’T======================================So what do you think of the market?  Why are both actual and implied volatility so low?  Why are the moves so small, but predominantly up?  Is this the closest impression of the ...

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October 19 – Sell Short Day in EMini S&P Futures

Today the EMini S&P futures are on the Sell Short day of the Taylor Trading cycle, following the upside breakout Wednesday. For a Sell Short day we look to short the market on a failed rally, normally using the previous day high as a “reference price” for the short. However, we don’t always get the ideal setup so sometimes we have to adapt. Stocks were sharply lower overnight after what seemed like an...

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Faltering Thursday – Terror at Dow 23,000

Have we finally gone too far? ; ; Of course we have, what kind of question is that? ; On the right is the SPY volume for the week and we haven't cracked 40M shares trading vs. an average of 62M this year, which is already half of last year. ; This came on a day, yesterday, when the Dow popped 160 points but, as we noted in yesterday morning's ...

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Top Ten Bullish Trending Stocks Extended above the 200 Day SMA October 18

Did you know this market will NEVER go down again? Ok that’s not actually true but let’s take a moment to scan for the Top Ten Stocks trading the largest percentage above their rising 200 day moving average. Using this simple scan, you can identify strongly trending stocks and either trade bullish retracement strategies… or aggressive ‘fade’ strategies. Here they are: The Technology Sector dominates the ...

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5 Top-Performing Vanguard Mutual Funds of 4Q17 – Zacks.com

Zacks.com5 Top-Performing Vanguard Mutual Funds of 4Q17Zacks.comWhile a bulk of Vanguard's assets are invested in index funds, around 30% of these are focused on actively managed funds. Strong performance by most of the mutual funds of this fund family calls for investment in some of the major Vanguard mutual funds.Buy 3 Top-Ranked Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds NowNasdaqall 127 news articles »

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How a stronger Canadian dollar has ETF investors not hedging their bets

The streak is over. Canada’s ETF industry has suffered its first month of outflows in almost a full year, shedding $33 million* in net new business in September, according to BlackRock’s data. The outflow ends a stretch of 11 straight months of positive flows dating back to October 2016 that has helped fuel another record year for exchange traded funds listed in Canada. Through ...

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Wonderful Wednesday – Dow 23,000 or Bust!

Does anything matter? ; ; On the right is the Daily Guidance Oscillator, which shows how forward guidance is fading fast, unraveling the enthusiasm of August with only 28% of companies reporting issuing positive guidance and a whopping 39.4% going negative and the chart you see is the net trend difference between postive and negative guidance. ; The trend was this bad in July and the markets took a very small...

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Netflix’s Post-Earnings Stock Move Is a Yawn

The biggest surprise from Netflix third-quarter earnings? A snooze of a stock-market response. Netflix’s shares were recently down 1.5% to $199.70, trading within a roughly 3% band throughout the morning. That’s an unusually muted response for the streaming giant’s shares, which are known for being volatile after earnings reports. The move in Tuesday’s regular trading followed a gain of about 2% in the after-hours session on Monday, when Netflix released its results. Options ...

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