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Anonymous Bidder Pays $2.68 Million to Have Lunch With Warren Buffett – Fortune

FortuneAnonymous Bidder Pays $2.68 Million to Have Lunch With Warren BuffettFortune(Reuters) — An anonymous fan of Warren Buffett agreed to pay $2,679,001 at an online charity auction to have lunch with the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The winning bid came in the closing seconds of the five-day eBay auction, which ...Berkshire Hathaway in 3 ChartsMotley Fool3 Buffet Stocks To ...

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The Cost of Lunch With Warren Buffett: $2.68 Million – Bloomberg

BloombergThe Cost of Lunch With Warren Buffett: $2.68 MillionBloombergA bidder pledged $2.68 million to a San Francisco charity in exchange for a lunch date with billionaire investor Warren Buffett. The winner of the online auction that concluded Friday on eBay Inc.'s website chose to remain anonymous. The final price ...3 Buffet Stocks To Buy Now, 3 To Sell ImmediatelyForbesYou Don'...

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Sometimes the ‘Smart Money’ Is Dumb Too

Do all financial advisers turn their clients into better investors, or do some make their clients’ behavior even worse? My latest column looks at this question. There isn’t any doubt that many financial advisers keep their clients from getting too greedy as markets go up, while also inspiring them with hope during dark times — helping investors stay the course through good times and bad. But ...

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Twelve Stocks in Strong Rising Trend Channel Scan June 9

Sometimes the simplest stock scans are the best. As the stock market powers through to all-time highs, let’s highlight twelve uptrending stocks in strong channels, courtesy FinViz Screener: This is just a quick, no-frills scan to identify S&P 500 stocks in strong uptrend channels. We like to buy on pullbacks in rising trends, expecting that “stocks which are strong tend to get stronger.” As always, scans are just a departure ...

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What are Other Markets Doing while Stocks Break to New Highs June 9

Equities continued their non-stop march to new all-time highs. If you’re just watching equities (stocks) right now, you may be curious what other markets are doing right now. I’m so glad you asked! Our “Quad-Market Grid” shows the following activity on the hourly chart: BULLISH Money Flow into Equities and Gold (except the last two days in Gold) BEARISH Money Flow in Crude Oil and the US Dollar. While these trends have been...

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Investing Blog Roundup: Focus on Systems, Not Goals

For many people, setting specific, long-term goals is a critical part of how they make progress in work, health, or personal finance.  This week I encountered an article (via Michael Kitces) that describes an alternative approach — one that works for me and which might be helpful for you. Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on Systems Instead from James Clear Investing Articles Right and Wrong Reasons to...

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UK election results shed 2% off the pound

Triple threat Thursday sent currencies lower. The UK election results caused the pound to drop 2%. The European Central Bank sent the euro 0.1% lower. Meanwhile, markets shrugged off former FBI director James Comey’s testimony. Forex GBP The results are in: Conservatives lost the overall majority in a disastrous result for the party. The pound slumped 2% as the results tricked in. Sterling has rebounded slightly as...

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Pound: “We did not mean to vote for Brexit”

Friday June 9: Five things the markets are talking about It’s little surprise to see sterling tumble, as much as -2.4%, after a disastrous night for the PM Theresa May’s Conservatives party, who with an electoral swing, lost her parliament majority with a hung House of Commons. The key concern driving U.K asset prices, aside from market liquidity issues, is how this election will impact Britain’s ongoing divorce with the European Union, which Prime Minister Theresa ...

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Bullish Volume and Momentum Coming in for Tesla TSLA

Tesla (TSLA) shares continue to get stronger, especially with today’s bullish upside action above $370. Let’s step beneath the price and uptrend to see what volume and momentum have to say about the future: In general… “Stocks which are strong tend to get stronger” and “Trends – once established – have greater odds of continuing rather than reversing.” Tesla (TSLA) shares underscore both of these core ...

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