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Free 150 Marriott Rewards Points Promotion

Offer is available again (albeit with less points). You can earn up to 150 free Marriott Rewards points by registering at this Chirpify promotional page and then connecting your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media accounts for 50 points each. If you don’t have a Marriott Rewards account yet, go here first and grab 1,000 free points for joining. This offer alone won’t get you enough points, but...

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New Low-Cost Broad Commodity ETFs from GraniteShares

Commodities are an asset class that some investors include in their portfolio for diversification purposes. Depending on the specific index, you might track the futures market for aluminum, coffee, copper, corn, cotton, crude oil, gold, diesel, lean hogs, live cattle, natural gas, nickel, silver, soybean meal, soybean oil, soybeans, sugar, unleaded gas, wheat, and zinc (image source). In my experience, when commodities prices have been hot, you see them in a lot of...

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Trump, on Twitter, upends U.S. relations with Qatar

Trump’s comments on Twitter marked a sharp reversal from the White House’s pledge just one day earlier to “deescalate” a feud in which Saudi Arabia and three other Arab countries have formally cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and frozen travel to and from the oil-rich nation, accusing it of financing extremists and supporting Saudi Arabia’s regional rival, Iran.

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How To Make Your Life Completely Miserable

If you are a fan of Charlie Munger and his principle of inversion, you will enjoy this video by CGP Grey* about the 7 Ways to Maximize Misery. Sometimes the best solution to a problem comes by approaching it backwards. Found via Abnormal Returns. Briefly, here are the 7 ways: Stay still. Screw with your sleep. Maximize your screen time. Use your screen to stoke...

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Elon Musk will stop advising Trump if the US withdraws from Paris climate agreement

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stirred up a bit of controversy a few months ago when he joined President Trump's s economic and manufacturing advisory councils. While Musk's participation predictably generated no shortage of criticism, Musk maintained that he would use the position for "doing good" on a range of issues. As Musk explained via Twitter earlier this year: "Advisory councils simply provide ...

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